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Wealthscape Features

Wealthscape Investor Mobile App - Available on iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ devices. Access to the Wealthscape Investor mobile app is available to all clients that have a Wealthscape Investor log-in. Once the client has their log-in established, they can download the Wealthscape Investor app on their device and begin using it.

Mobile Check Deposit - Mobile Check Deposit provides clients with a quick and cost efficient way to deposit checks directly from their iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ device via the Wealthscape Investor Mobile app. There is no additional cost for this feature.  Access is provided BY DEFAULT to all clients who have a NFS brokerage account and access to the Wealthscape Investor Mobile app.

Money Movement - Money Movement is a feature within Wealthscape Investor which allows investors to request money movement transactions to and from their NFS brokerage accounts. This feature is not turned on by default- it is by advisor request only. There is no additional cost for this feature.

E-delivery - E-delivery is the National Financial solution to paperless statements, trade confirmations, shareholder reports (annual/semi-annual report, annual prospectuses, and non-Fidelity proxies), and trade-related prospectuses, and is available as a client "opt-In" solution through the client’s Wealthscape Investor login (representatives cannot turn on E-delivery for a client/account, the client must opt-in themselves through their Wealthscape Investor profile). There is no additional cost for this feature.