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Life Event Checklist: Home Purchase

When life throws you a  curve ball it is good to be prepared with a plan.  With 30+ years of combined financial planning experience we have seen it all!  Please feel free to utilize the following checklist to help navigate these uncertain times in your life.

Home Purchase

  • Umbrella Insurance – With a home comes added liability, inquire with your insurance agent about what a simple umbrella policy might cost for added protection.
  • Credit Report – In the home buying process, your personal identifying information is passed around among many different parties. It never hurts to ensure your identity is not stolen along the way.
  • Life Insurance – Do you have enough coverage to ensure your loved ones are not financially burdened by your passing?
  • Disability Insurance – Do you have enough coverage to pay your mortgage and other bills should you be unable to work for an extended period of time?
  • Auto Insurance – Be sure to inquire about multi-policy discounts.
  • Budget – A home is a major expense, ensure your budget is solid to keep from becoming house poor. Not only does the mortgage factor into your housing expenses but so do all of the other ancillary items that come along with owning a home.
  • Important Documents – Hang onto your closing documents and other important items in a secure location (safe, file cabinet, etc.)
  • Emergency Fund – With a new home often comes unexpected expenses. Consider a slightly larger emergency fund to compensate.

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