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Life Event Checklist: College Graduation

When life throws you a  curve ball it is good to be prepared with a plan.  With 30+ years of combined financial planning experience we have seen it all!  Please feel free to utilize the following checklist to help navigate these uncertain times in your life.

College Graduation

  • Health Insurance - Are you losing family health insurance? (Check with your parents, often coverage beyond a certain age is only maintained for full-time students.)
  • Credit Report Check – Always a good idea to ensure no identity theft.
  • Resume – Start preparing your resume while college experience is fresh.
  • Social Profile – Update your profile to let prospective employers know you have entered the workforce. Use this opportunity to remove any pictures or posts that might not paint you in the best light to employers.
  • References – Reach out to professors, friends, professionals, etc.… and develop a list of references for potential employers.
  • Budget/Reduce Expenses – Does a change of situation mean you should evaluate spending patterns?
  • Roth IRA Eligibility – Does part-time work or work study income allow you to make Roth IRA contributions? Do you need to cease contributions if income stops while looking for employment?
  • Email Notification – If using a college email for friends, family, utility bills, etc., transition correspondence to a personal email address.
  • Excess College Savings – Probably not a common occurrence but in the unlikely event there is extra money in your college savings plan, consider taking additional courses or transferring the excess to a family member to retain special tax status.

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