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10 Questions we get most from prospects.

Q: How are we compensated?
A: As independent advisors, we have access to a wide variety of compensation methods. Please see our services overview for more detailed information.


Q: How often do we meet with clients?
A: Generally, every six to twelve months or on an as needed basis.


Q: Are the advisors at AVH Invest independent?
A: Yes, we are independent with no proprietary products or quotas to meet.


Q: How often do I get account reports?
A: Most reports are sent on a monthly or quarterly basis.


Q: Can I check my accounts online?
A: Yes! We have a consolidated performance reporting system available via our website at and each product sponsor generally has their own portal as well.


Q: What happens if my advisor leaves the business?
A: While we do not anticipate this, we have other Advisors at AVH Invest who can take over the servicing of your accounts and who would love to develop a close working relationship with you. (see our bios) You may transition your account to an Advisor of your choice.


Q: When does AVH Invest recommend changes to my accounts?
A: If something in your situation causes a desire to take more or less risk with your investments.
If something changes with a manager we hire which causes us to recommend a sideways shift in your portfolio to a new manager.
If the market pricing is such that anomalies occur causing us to recommend minor fine-tuning changes to take advantage of those price moves.
Typically, we might recommend one or two minor changes per year or no changes for a year or two. It depends on the three factors listed above. We make changes when they are deemed in your best interest, not just for the sake of making changes.


Q: What do you do with my account if the market crashes?
A: See above.

Q: Do you have references I can speak with?
A: Yes, we would be happy to provide you a list of references upon your request.


Q: Do you act in a fiduciary capacity when working with clients?
A: Yes, even when not required to do so, we feel it’s just good business to put our clients interest before our own.