Tools and Tips for Your Finances

The Life Event Planner

When life throws you a curve ball it is good to be prepared with a plan. With 30+ years of combined financial planning experience we have seen it all! Please feel free to utilize these checklist to help navigate these uncertain times in your life.


When you’re done with this quick, powerful ebook, you’ll understand…

  • How most future retirees don’t lay the right foundation for retirement. And how you can do it better.
  • Where most future retirees store their retirement savings from former employers – and how you may be doing it all wrong.
  • What many employees neglect at their current employers – and how you may be leaving thousands of dollars per year on the table.
  • About the “market” and how that can hurt your future retirement.
  • What can happen when you listen to friends and family about retirement and what you can do about it.
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