Our Process

AVH L.E.A.D. Planning Process

We initially spend a few minutes over the telephone getting to know each other. After that, if there is a comfort level on your part and we are able to bring value to your financial affairs we would set up a meeting.


  • We’ll work closely with you to understand
    your goals, values, current financial status,
    income needs and the future you imagine
    for yourself.


  • We’ll develop a written plan or proposal
    that will be presented to you, outlining
    recommended income, strategies and
    benchmarks we’ll measure.


  • We will select the tools and resources
    needed to implement your strategy and to
    help meet your unique needs and goals.


  • We’ll regularly review the progress of your
    plan against benchmarks and changes in
    your life, then make adjustments as needed.

Ongoing Support


We believe in giving each of our clients the opportunity to meet with us on a regular basis. There is no additional cost for these reviews and they are meant to be a chance for catching up on your finances and an opportunity to review your investments.


We send out E-Newsletters with updates about our practice, money saving tips, financial planning ideas and real world situations. These E-Newsletters are for your benefit so if there is a specific topic you would like us to address please let us know.

Catching up

With our contact management system we have the ability to systematically schedule periodic catching up telephone calls, emails or letters. You can expect to hear from us at random times during the year “just to see how you are doing”. It’s important we stay in regular contact with each other to stay abreast of changes in your life and to keep you updated on your investment accounts.